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Card Games

A few months back, keithp introduced me to Treehouse/Icehouse as a generic system for gaming, like playing cards. Recently I realized that I didn't actually know many card games, and most of those that I did know I'd forgotten long ago. So today I spent a good chunk of the afternoon learning a few new games and playing them. John McLeod's site was the first hit I found on Google, and it's a phenomenal resource full of games from all over the world. The games that I learned or re-learned today were Casino, 500 Rum (which is a Rummy/Gin Rummy variant), and German Whist.

It's striking how many games are generally unknown these days. We have so many other forms of entertainment available that we've collectively forgotten how to play most of these games. It's fun to be reminded what you can do with a simple deck or two of cards though.
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