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We've Moved!

For several months now, the XSF has been discussing, planning, and preparing to move from our old reliable svn repository to our new distributed git repositories on As of a few minutes ago, that move is complete.

I'd like to thank the Alioth admins for setting up and letting us hammer it with the whole xorg codebase. Also deserving the lion's share of the credit for this move is Thierry Reding, who wrote the infrastructure and did a lot of debugging of the conversion script that came with git to let us make this move. It was a huge task, and I'm still amazed at how quickly he managed to pull it off.

I'm really excited that this is finally done. I've been wanting to have our codebase in some sort of distributed system ever since I started working on xorg a while back. Because I was deriving packages from Ubuntu, who was in turn deriving packages from us, it seemed like having the whole thing in a distributed system would have made my life a lot easier. It would also potentially make it easier on other derivatives who customize the X packages, like Knoppix. For a while I thought we were going to move to mercurial, but once itself moved to git, it only made sense to follow suit. I'm excited at the benefits that this move will provide us, which will hopefully translate to faster updates and higher quality packages for Debian users. And this is only the beginning of what's going to come during the Lenny release cycle.
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